Monday, April 19, 2010

This Photographer is on FIYA!!

This weekend was my first time shooting a wedding solo (unless you count the millions of guests armed with cameras - including one who followed me around like a lost puppy, taking notes and handing out a gazillion compliments).

Some friends I met through my sister & bro-in-law asked me to be their photographer, and of course I accepted. They're friends from way back when, and I definitely didn't want to disappoint. Which means I was very nervous - about getting all the shots they wanted, being creative enough, timing, etc. etc. The list goes on and on, but I really want you to read this whole post, so we'll move along:

My sister & I were heading over to the sanctuary to set up tripods and video cameras in the balcony (the only place I was allowed - boo on that), and my equipment decided to help me turn up the heat a little. As we were about to exit the elevator, something must have hit the Emergency button. We heard the buzz, and I waited for it to call someone so I could tell them it was an accident, but we were only greeted by an automated recording. So we thought nothing of it and kept moving. Time is always of the essence at a wedding, you know.

We got everything set up in the balcony, and I did some test shots to see what I would actually be able to get from way up there with my limited supply of lenses... And that's when we heard it: more sirens. But from OUTSIDE the church this time. I looked at my sister and said, "Wouldn't it be funny if they were coming here because I bumped into that button in the elevator?"

We waited.

Everything seemed fine... Then, as we walked back to where the bride was hiding, we heard a convo by some of the men, "Yeah, they said someone must have pulled the fire alarm."

Oh God! Please tell me I did NOT call the fire department to my first solo gig!

Turns out the firemen that had to come check the WHOLE church didn't find it so funny. I tracked them down and explained that my tripod was the culprit - with about 50 "I'm so sorry"(s) thrown in there.

I realize now it would have been a great photo op: the photographer with her fire crew she called to the wedding, but I was so mortified at the time, I didn't ask. Plus, I think it probably would've been adding more fuel to our pseudo fire.

I did, however, get this encouraging pic msg from my bro-in-law when I got to the reception. Thanks, Ron.

And if you're wondering if anyone else knew, the answer is YES. I was teased by the groom when I went to snap some shots of him pre-wedding:

Me: "How's it going? What are y'all doing?"

Groom: "Well, we're not pulling fire alarms..."


He was joking, of course, and if you knew this couple and their wedding party, my little incident only helped me fit right in. {whew!}

A few pics from the wedding

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