Sunday, May 16, 2010

Facebook Friends

We all have them... Cause everyone has a Facebook these days. And on there we have our friends, and then we have our Facebook friends. They're easy to tell apart: your real friends are the ones you talk to on a regular basis and even, technology forbid, see them... IN PERSON.

Facebook Friends, however, are the ones you either requested because they have a private page and you couldn't snoop their life without asking to be their "friend" - or maybe you accepted a friend request from them because you think maybe you remember someone with that name going to your high school back in the day. Or perhaps you just accept any ole person as your "friend" to get those numbers up...

But my brother: He has over 900 Facebook friends... NINE HUNDRED, people!! I don't know if I've even met 900 people - let alone have that many friends! But if you know my brother - and if you're breathing, you most likely do - then you know that he probably actually does have that many friends - possibly more.

Everywhere my brother goes he knows someone. Either people recognize him or he recognizes them, and they seem almost excited to be in his presence. And who wouldn't be? He's one of the greatest people I know - and I'm not just saying that because he's my baby bro. Besides being gorgeous and incredibly intelligent, he just has a wonderful soul. He can be friends with anyone.

I see these traits in my son, too. I used to think he was going to be my shy, quiet child - but now I know better. He's the one that will walk up to any kid and ask if he can play with them. He has such a sweet soul, and if he grows up to be like my baby bro, I will be so proud.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Krystal Chick

What can I say, I'm a Krystal Chick: I love me some Krystal burgers. Give me a #1 with cheese plain, and I'm a happy gal. What I DON'T love are the incompetent people who work there. I mean... How hard can it be to place the mini cheese on the mini meat on the mini bun?? This predicament has ruined many a meal for me. It's one thing to be lazy and just give me the preheated burgers with mustard and onions... It's an entirely different thing to throw cheese around.

I'm one of those (if there even is a those and there's anyone else like me) who has to "fix" my burger before I can even eat it. I have to take each of my 4 minis apart and place the misplaced cheese where it should have gone to begin with. So, basically, I have to do their job for them [hmmmm... I wonder if I can get paid for this??] I realize my OCD is showing here, but COME ON!! When 2/3 of the cheese is still in the box after I pull my burger out, something is wrong. I mean... If I had wanted half of it to be a cheeseburger and the other half to be just a plain ole hamburger, I would have ordered it that way.

But it's okay. I know what they need to do. The Krystal people need to empliment a new step in their hiring process: The Tupperware Shape-O-Toy Examination. In order to work there, this test MUST be passed. You know the one...


And they don't have to use this exact one; It need not even be this fancy. Really, they could use one with just squares - since that's Krystal's thing, ya know. Get it in red, yellow & white with their logo on the shapes or something... Or maybe just give prospective employees boxes to practice with. "Place the square lid on the square box. There you go! You've got it!"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

So I turned a year under 30 yesterday…

And I received so many “Happy Birthday” comments via The Book – which really made my day special. I feel fortunate to have had so many people recognize my birthday. From my sister dedicating her status and a blog post to me, to new friends who also made my big day seem important – I am grateful for it all.

That being said, that’s kinda where it ended.

Husband#2, who travels for work and is never here during the week, wasn’t due home til around 6:30pm on Friday. I told him the kiddos and I would wait for him to eat my birthday dinner so he wouldn’t be excluded (we normally head for dinner around 6). He called when he was about to get on the plane and said it was my birthday, so I could pick where ever I wanted for dinner.

Well, he was late getting back from the airport – which wasn’t a big deal, as my kids had been turned into zombies and were playing games on the computer; and I wasn’t in any danger of starving or anything.

In his defense, when Husband#2 did finally arrive, he was baring 5 red sun flowers – which I thought was pretty cool. He commented that he had just recently discovered that I don’t like roses, reading my ancient myspace account. {{seriously??}}

Anyway, I told Husband#2 I wanted to go to Chow Baby – one of my fav restaurants, but we rarely go. He said he really wasn’t that hungry, as he had eaten a late lunch, and probably wouldn’t be up for the size portions you get at Chow Baby. Um... Okay... So I suggested we find some new restaurant none of us had ever been to – something I love to do. Don’t know why, but I do.

His suggestion?? “I think there’s a Zaxby’s the next exit up.”

I know what you’re thinking: Was he kidding??

The answer is NO.

I made a shocked face like, “How could you possibly suggest ZAXBY’S for my birthday dinner?!?!” – my birthday dinner that would be the only big thing we’d do in honor of My Day.

He just looked back like, “What’d I say?”

I gave him the benefit of being a male and let it go… until he started throwing out Applebee’s and O’Charley’s as more ideas.

Hello – Did anyone else hear me say somewhere NEW? – that none of us had ever been to before!


Well, I finally got that concept through to him, and we got in the car and gps’d it: searching for restaurants near us. I threw out a bunch of names, but HE wasn’t into any of them. He finally said, “How bout hibachi?” Okay… This I can work with. It’s fun, and we never go somewhere like that.

But it was harder than expected to search for via gps. We found a Japanese place right beside our apartment, but they only served sushi – a definite no go for me. The man at the counter suggested Mt. Fuji, so I gps’d that, and off we headed.

All along the way we got our usual dose of negative energy: Husband#2 even cussed out a car whose way he got in… sigh.

Our gps unfortunately gives us a pretty big general area to work with some times, so we ended up not finding Mt. Fuji. :( We did see a small fair that was set up where it led us, though. The kids were excited, and I must say, so was I. I hadn’t been to the fair in a couple of years – and never here in Georgia – so I told Husband#2 to stop there. But... HE didn’t want to go, so we didn’t.

Are we seeing a pattern here???

By this time Husband#2 was STARVING, so we couldn’t look for Mt. Fuji any more. There was an Atlantic Buffet, or something like that, across from the mini-fair. So we settled on that. The food was horrible, the staff not very friendly, and no song or anything for the birthday girl.

Also for my birthday I got to hear how crappy my third child (aka: Husband#2) felt all through dinner.

I guess I’m being selfish or self-centered here, but it all just really bummed me out. Going from my mom’s over-doing EVERYTHING for every holiday and birthday – making sure every one of them felt like something special - to nothing being done at all…. Well, it’s a huge leap.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Decision Time

So I shot a wedding for some friends a couple of weekends ago...

I thought I'd go ahead and post a couple of pics on here - since I'm always saying I need more pictures throughout my blog. Hopefully it will entice some people to keep reading and offer up their advice.

What I need advice on is this: At some point during my trip to shoot said wedding, I not only managed to send a personal invitation to the fire department... I also lost my glasses. And they (in my opinion) were pretty awesome.

I had some red frames that I had gotten as a birthday gift from my whole family a couple of years ago. I'm practically blind without 'em (so if you ever find a typo - I'm blaming my poor vision). I really liked them and even opted to keep my old reds (instead of getting new fancy frames) a few months ago when I updated my lenses. I have a hard time finding frames that I think look good on me. My family will tell ya: I'm pretty much the pickiest person in the world - or maybe 2nd pickiest, with my daughter being 1st place (I think that's evidence of karma in action there).

I finally found some frames that might be runners up. They're pretty nifty, if I do say so myself. They're actually reading glasses, but that isn't going to stop me from transforming them into my new eyes.

So what's the dilemma, already??

They come in this coppery-brown color and purple, and I can't decide!! If the lenses weren't so expensive (I'm blind, remember), I'd just get 'em both.

I suppose I should argue for both sides:

* I've had a pair of brown before, so I already know that shade would look good. They were actually brown on the outside and a light blue on the inside. And the coppery ones would match more outifts...

I don't know - maybe I should do something different, though? I love "different".
* I'm not a huge fan of purple - though I have been into it lately (my new swimsuit for this summer is purple). And how fun would some bold color like that be?

Not that you can really tell much of a difference in the picture.... but I thought I'd post it anyway.