Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Last weekend my new {& wonderful} friends came over for a Painting EXTRAVAGANZA.

- yes, that word MUST be in ALL CAPS, as I feel like it must be SHOUTED any time it's used -

So back to the EXTRAVAGANZA:

Mitra, Mina, Lil & B joined Gabi, Christian & I for some painting fun. We decided on a fish theme, in hopes that everyone (even our Boy) could get into it. I was attempting to make it like an Easely Amused / Cocktails & Canvas class (minus the cocktails... kiddos were present), but I customized each piece for the individual artist(s) with his/her initial. 

I don't think I succeeded, though. 

I ended up taking too long to draw everyone's letter and koi (our chosen fish), and my class got hungry.

On top of that, I think I made the pictures too difficult for the lil' ones, as they were pretty much over it after the background color was painted. They retreated to the den to watch Beetle Juice while the "grownups" stayed and painted. 

All & All, though... I loved it, and I think the kids' paintings turned out so cute!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It's tough being the second pickiest person in the world {second, only to my child, who is the reigning champ}.

You see, ladies & gentlemen of the blogger... This is what happens when I decide to venture out and try new things:

I thought I'd give Starbucks' frappuccino in a bottle a go, since I ADORE their mocha fraps (with no whip) at Barnes & Noble so much - and because the lady in the McDonald's drive through now recognizes me and commented yesterday that I must "really LOVE those mocha fraps". And, what the hey, I'll even save a dollar!

But, No. I did not save a dollar. I ended up wasting $2.02!

YUCK! Not only did this bottle of cold crappuccino taste bad, it even SMELLED bad!!

You have failed me, Starbucks.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

I was complaining to my friend this morning how I practically melted last night, it was so freakin HOT!! in our house.

I went on to complain about how HOT!! it is in general - and How on Earth am I going to make it through the summer??

Ask & Ye Shall Receive, I tell ya...

I have to have THE coldest office in the world! {I might be exaggerating slightly} I know I have the coldest office in my building, and the guys at work (who are doing more physical exertion than I on any given day) crank that AC up just about as cold as it can get. This means that I feel like I'm sitting in a refrigerator all day.

Are you getting the mental image I'm portraying here?

Brrrrr! It's cold in here!