Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It's tough being the second pickiest person in the world {second, only to my child, who is the reigning champ}.

You see, ladies & gentlemen of the blogger... This is what happens when I decide to venture out and try new things:

I thought I'd give Starbucks' frappuccino in a bottle a go, since I ADORE their mocha fraps (with no whip) at Barnes & Noble so much - and because the lady in the McDonald's drive through now recognizes me and commented yesterday that I must "really LOVE those mocha fraps". And, what the hey, I'll even save a dollar!

But, No. I did not save a dollar. I ended up wasting $2.02!

YUCK! Not only did this bottle of cold crappuccino taste bad, it even SMELLED bad!!

You have failed me, Starbucks.

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