Friday, February 3, 2012


Tomorrow I'm going to Rainbow Grocery in Fondren to drop off some of my paintings to donate for MS HeARTS {It is the largest fundraiser in MS for HIV/AIDS related issues}. I failed miserably to get anything ready in time for the benefit last year - and just barely made the cut this year - but I got to go with my good friend Clint (who did manage to prepare something to donate). My mom donated a piece of her artwork, as well, and we clung to her side for as long as she and David hung in there (they couldn't hang with us night owls). 

There was amazing food everywhere you turned (I think I binged on strawberry cake and pasta all night - yes, in that order), live music pouring into the air and every soul in the room, an abundance of talented individuals mingling in small cliques, and copious amounts of generosity on display all over. We had such a good time. It really is a great cause to be a part of, and I am so thrilled to have followed through this year! 

My donations, though rather unconventional, will be my series of clown paintings. Hopefully there will be some twisted individuals there who want them...

Cloaked in Corked Therapy 


Set of (4) Naughty Clowns

Medicated Smile 

Olive Another

Track Star


If you'd like to know a little more about any of them, I've already written about them here: Cloaked in Corked Therapy | Naughty Clowns

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