Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ms. Mia Chambers

I am HIGHLY disappointed that my daughter and I were completely blown off at the MAC counter by Ms. Mia Chambers last night when I tried to take her to have her makeup done for her birthday - even after I reassured shim TWICE that I know how much MAC costs and I had planned on making a purchase.

"I think you'd do better over at Clinique."



I went ahead and took her to the Clinique counter, where she didn't get the "fun" makeover she wanted, b/c they don't have the vibrant colors and style that MAC has... Gabi's makeup ended up being pretty and all that (at Clinique), but the gal didn't do what Gabi was asking... She wanted vibrant/funky colors.

It's not like I was getting her set up on a skin regimen (which the Clinique lady was totally trying to push) and regular daily wear makeup... She's only 8 for crying out loud!! Gabi wanted something like, blue and purple eyeshadow with bright lipstick for FUN.

Update:  Just talked with the assistant manager, and my girl has an appointment set to have her FUN makeover at MAC {done just the way she wanted} next Thursday! :) She's gong to be so excited!! I can't wait to tell her!

Update2:  The assistant manager did my girl's makeup... just the way she wanted! She mixed a bright lime green with some hot pink (to match Gabi's outfit) for the shadow, then brushed on some even BRIGHTER pink lipstick and blush. heehee

Gabi prolly looked a bit like a hooker going to work... but it was FUN, and she loved feeling all dolled up for her birthday (even if it was a week later).

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